Welcome to Dancing Isis Dance blog

Welcome to Dancing Isis Dance blog

I dance every day.

Some times you may not recognise it as a dance

it is an internal dance of fluids organs, bones, tissues.

Some time it is a walking dance

as my eye take in what surounds me and my cells dance and my step changes

sometimes it is cooking dance

I move around the kitchen like a possessed shaman from vegetable to seed to pot

creating inventing tasting the nourishment that is to come

sometimes I lie on the floor and wait for my inner-dance to speak to me

I follow it obediently as my body rolls into fluid shapes that lengthen widen and deepen me

then there is the dance you would recognise.

The music plays and I am transported, the music speaks, my body obeys.

Any and all music that my soul can hear

not knowing where it will take me


then there is the music from the land of Isis.

the ones that Egyptians know, love, embraceMaria jpeg

there, my body takes on the form of the double helix

I am shaped by the eternal universal spiral that connects us all.

but the vibrating rhythms that live in the earth

there I am home.


Hello, I just want to share

Today I am inspired by the courage of Egypt to keep going in this fight for freedom and democracy. Today I am inspired by Donatalla the woman I just worked on, with the operated over worked wrist – she took the time to feel the hurt and fear she felt inside as Imageheld her arm and helped her carry the weight.

today the birds fly past my window and that makes me happy.